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The Story:

The continent of Bandinel is drastically different from what it was 23 years ago. The many proud nation states that once shared the lands now lie in ruin and a new power dominates the known world. A warlord by the name of Walkul Urthadar swept across Bandinel in less than a year, his dark coalition overwhelming the staunchest defenders that rose to oppose it.

Lord Urthadar now rules the entire continent with an iron fist. The remnants elven kingdoms have faded into the Deepwood hoping for an opportunity to reclaim their ancestral homeland. The once mighty dwarven kingdoms have now sealed themselves underground and are struggling to survive as supplies and moral dwindles. The remaining peoples of the world (including those dwarves and elves that are separated from their people) live a miserable life of servitude, toiling away at their new master’s whim.

The realm of magic has also suffered by Lord Urthadar’s hand. Many of the land’s famous wizards and sorcerers have been hunted down and killed. What few arcane magic schools that weren’t wiped out have either disbanded or are now teaching their art in hiding. Even more disturbing is what has happened to divine magic in Bandinel. As Walku Urthadar began his conquest the ability to channel the divine of many priests and druids alike started to weaken. Now only a very few are able to use divine magic at all and it seems as if all of the good and even many of the neutral gods have lost interest in the people of the world—or even worse, they may now be unable to help their people. No one is quite sure how this has occurred, but this phenomena has lead many to believe that Lord Urthadar is even more powerful than he seems or perhaps has an even more powerful ally backing him.

The world lies in ruin and it seems as if all the good people can do is bide their time and wait until a new generation of heroes can rise to replace those slaughtered by Urthadar and his forces.

The Practical Stuff:

Huzzah for campy fantasy stories!

Things to keep in mind for character creation:

  • I plan on having a very “low fantasy” feel for this campaign if possible. That doesn’t mean that it can’t become more “high fantasy” as it progresses, so if you want to end up being a glorious paladin in blindingly shiny armor then go for it.
  • There will not be very many limitations on class selection though I may veto a few very far out selections due to the state of the game world as the campaign begins. If it’s something odd then just justify it as usual. If it’s a caster then explain why you can cast.
  • I would like to start characters at level 1 to emphasis the whole “brand new generation of heroes” thing, but I plan to make the first few levels go quickly if possible. If everyone would rather start at level 2-3 I’ll do that, but I like the rational for level 1 that I have. :)
  • You’ll probably start in a small hamlet/village. Whether you live there or are just passing through is up to you.

Dark Before Dawn

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